The decline of Amherst railroads
It was the development of a major railroad line through Amherst in the Civil War era that put Amherst "on the map," said Jim Smith, author of a manuscript on the town's transportation history. The railroad helped Amherst commerce between Montreal and New London, Conn. – a city that was connected via boat to New York City.

Amtrak's Vermonter route currently services the town with two stops a day. But last July, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced plans to reroute the line, cutting off 30 minutes of travel. The age of passenger travel in Amherst is coming to a screeching halt.

Jill Hathaway has a front row seat to the Amherst train station's daily activity. She is the owner of the Railroad Street depot building and has run her Pilates business, Amherst Pilates, inside the station for the past three years. Part of the building is still used by Amtrak as a potential waiting area for passengers, and Hathaway is excited to be able to expand when Amtrak leaves for good.