About this project
My name is Chris Shores and I prepare to leave the University of Massachusetts as a journalism major with minors in history and information/technology.

This website is the culmination of a year-long honors capstone project completed for the Commonwealth Honors College. It was my goal to find something that would include all three of the aforementioned academic tracks that I followed as a student at UMass. It is an odd combination, but I believe I was successful in having my interests converge into this website.

My primary interest in journalism is meeting people, hearing what they have to say and telling their stories. I met some fascinating people for this project. I attended a birthday party for a dead poet, chatted with Civil War reenactors who tried to enlist me, filmed a playoff basketball game, hunted down as many "Amherst" signs as I could and made more visits to a train station than I can possibly remember.

From the beginning, I challenged myself to find ways to make historical events relevant. In fact, this was quite easy. History isn't just the past, it is part of all of our presents. They are truly interwoven, and this project taught me that.

I would like to thank my committee, Brian McDermott and Carol Connare, for their support and encouragement throughout this project.

I look forward to learning more about Amherst's yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.